LARRY PINK THE HUMAN is the brainchild of Mercury Prize nominated songwriter Laurie Vincent, and award-winning producer Jolyon Thomas. The project is a creative avenue without confines permitting Laurie & Jolyon to venture into limitless sonic territories whilst retaining cohesion throughout the catalogue: from contemplative debut single ‘LOVE YOU BYE.’ to IDLES collaboration ‘WASTED DAYS [INBETWEENS]’ via the lofty reverb of ‘MIGHT DELETE LATER’.

The ethos of LARRY PINK THE HUMAN is to challenge normal human perceptions, no better demonstrated than with the band members themselves. Jolyon Thomas, whose work as a producer includes such artists as Kendrick Lamar, U2 and Royal Blood, is now stepping out from the studio and onto the stage as a songwriter and performer, while Laurie Vincent – who as a guitarist forms one half of the band Slaves – takes the role of lyricist and frontman.