July Jones

July Jones is a Slovenian born, London-based artist, songwriter, producer and LGBTQIA+ activist.

Her edgy electro-pop songs combine razor-sharp hooks with forward-thinking production choices and filter-free lyrics about relationships, queerness and mental health. “I’m queer and my partner is transgender, so for me it’s very important to speak about being LGBTQ,” she says. “I want my fans to know there’s a voice for them and not every song has to be about fucking and ‘bitches’ and alcohol, though it’s great to sing about that too sometimes.

Following on from the release of the anthemic GIRLS CAN DO ANYTHING – which was used as a global sync for TikTok’s International Women’s Day campaign as well as ELLE UK’s IWD campaign – one-to-watch talent JULY JONES returns with her exemplary debut mixtape SILLY LITTLE DREAM PT. 1. Debuting two new tracks LONER and STEEL, the Slovenian musician is carving out an undeniable lane with her fusion of provocative, powerful and passionate alt. pop.

Speaking on the new project JULY says: “Silly Little Dream is a conceptual mixtape, my first piece of work which I am very proud of. I am a writer and producer first, and I think my main strength is creating art. There is so many things I want to say – it wasn’t possible to put it in a normal 8 album track so we decided to split Silly Little Dream in 3 parts. The first part being my birth, introduction of my sound. Second part being the middle stage and last part my full final moment where I fully develop.”

Having just toured across UK and Europe with Slayyyter, and the UK and Ireland with Yonaka and Girli on two tours, JULY is a formidable and forward-thinking talent whose razor-sharp hooks and filter-free lyrics about relationships, queerness and mental health paint a powerful story. Using her platform and profile to push boundaries, JULY is determined to be a positive voice for young people and to speak openly around her own experiences as a queer woman from the East.