Baby Dave

Baby Dave is the solo project from Slaves frontman Isaac Holman. Despite being sonically disparate to Slaves, listeners will recognise Holman’s signature charisma and candidness permeating the Baby Dave project this time channelled into expressing his personal quirks and anxieties.

The 12 tracks that form Holman’s debut solo album emerged in the wake of a particularly tough period of mental health and he explains that the ‘Monkey Brain’ single was particularly formative “When I was having cognitive behavioural therapy I was introduced to the term ‘monkey mind’. It’s originally a Buddhist term used to describe a chattering mind that won’t keep still constantly jumping from thought to thought driving you mad. I’m sure we’ve all experienced this to some degree but with the right set of ingredients it can get really out of control. I wrote this tune when I was right in the thick of it and I knew it had to be the title track”.